How to Conduct a Social Security Number Lookup

You may need to conduct a Social Security Number lookup if you do not remember your federal ID number. You may also need to search for your child’s number if you cannot locate his or her Social Security (SS) card. However, if you need to conduct a Social Security Number lookup by name, you should contact the Social Security Administration (SSA). Otherwise, you may be at risk of having your identity stolen.

If you plan to carry out a reverse Social Security Number lookup, note that it is not possible to do so. If you misplaced your Social Security Number (SSN), you must request a new card. Instead of a free Social Security Number lookup, you can contact your SS office and obtain a new ID at no cost to you.

Can I conduct a Social Security Number lookup online?

You should not use a Social Security Number free lookup service online. The SSA does not offer this service to cardholders. Therefore, any site you use to find your SSN is unlikely to be verified and could fail to protect your private information.

What to Do Instead of a Social Security Number Lookup

Instead of performing a Social Security Number lookup by state or name, request a new SS card. Your SSN will be printed on this document when it arrives. You can either obtain a copy of this application online or at your local Social Security office. Regardless of where you live, you can go to an office and apply for a replacement card. However, some states allow you to file your request online. Additionally, be sure that you are ready to provide documents that prove your age, identity and U.S. citizenship. Otherwise, you will be unable to order your replacement card.

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