Guide to Requesting a Social Security Card Name Change

You need to request a Social Security card name change after you decide to legally change your name. This is because the Social Security Administration (SSA) needs to maintain accurate records for cardholders. Therefore, you must inform Social Security (SS) representatives if you decide to change your name. Whether you need to change the last name on your Social Security card or the first, it is a simple process to complete.

Many individuals wonder how to change their name on their Social Security card since this process may seem confusing or difficult to complete. However, you can easily file your request and update your document. If you plan on using your card as an ID, it needs to reflect your current legal name. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to file your Social Security card name change form.

Can I change my name on my Social Security card online?

You may be wondering how to change your name on your Social Security card online. However, you cannot complete this task from a computer. You must either mail or hand-deliver your application to a Social Security office near you. Keep in mind, it is possible to obtain a copy of the Social Security name change application online.

What are the documents needed to change my name on a Social Security card?

When you are changing your name on your Social Security card, you need to file specific documents along with your application. The SSA will use these items to prove that you qualify to receive a card. Regardless of whether you are requesting a Social Security card name change due to marriage or another reason, you must submit proof of:

  • Identity. You need to submit an official document that proves you are using a new name. This may include a copy of your driver’s license, state ID card or federal passport.
  • Age. Usually, you cannot request a new Social Security card for a name change unless you submit your passport. However, you may be able to receive a new card if you can file your passport, a hospital record of your birth or a religious document issued before you were five years of age.
  • Citizenship. To verify your citizenship, you must bring your U.S. birth certificate or passport.

What is the cost to change my name on my Social Security card?

It is free to file an application to change your Social Security card name. You are only required to pay the associated postage fee, if you choose to mail in your application to the SSA.

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