Beginner’s Guide to Humana Medicare Plans

Humana Medicare plans are available to you if you purchase a policy with this provider. However, if you are like many, you may be confused about how this independent network functions. From learning about specific Humana Medicare supplement plans to the program formulary, it is important that you understand what to expect from this coverage.

Depending on your needs, you can obtain Humana Medicare Part D coverage or Part C (Medicare Advantage) support. Therefore, it is important that you understand what benefits you need before you apply. Likewise, make sure you have a complete understanding of the types of support Humana supplemental insurance for Medicare can provide you.

Is Humana Medicare?

You may be wondering, “Does Humana replace Medicare?” You may also wonder if these names refer to the same program. However, it is important to note that Humana is not Medicare. In fact, Humana is a private health insurance company. Medicare contracts with private providers to offer benefits to individuals who want to purchase Medicare Advantage or Part D coverage. Therefore, if you need to enroll in a Humana Medicare drug plan or another form of coverage, you can. However, keep in mind that you are receiving benefits through a private company and not directly through Medicare.

Humana Medicare Advantage Plans

The Humana Medicare providers offer benefits to recipients who want to purchase Medicare Part C coverage. There are different versions of this program you can enroll in. For example, you can receive benefits through the Humana Gold Plus Medicare program. You can also enroll in the:

  • Humana Choice PPO.
  • Humana Gold Choice PFFS.
  • Special Needs plans (SNP).

Depending on the Humana Medicare HMO or PPO you enroll in, you can expect to receive different benefits. Each package offers the same coverage as Original Medicare. However, you can also choose to add benefits relating to prescription drug coverage. If you choose, you can also add vision coverage and Humana dental Medicare benefits. Keep in mind, though, that your monthly premium may vary depending on the services you choose to opt in for.

Does Humana Medicare Advantage cover cataract surgery?

Humana Medicare Advantage plans are required to offer all of the benefits available through the Original Medicare package. This refers to Medicare Parts A and B. If you enroll in Medicare Part B, you can obtain financial assistance to help cover the costs associated with your cataract surgery. Therefore, Humana Medicare Advantage providers also offer this benefit to you.

Humana Medicare Supplement for Part D Coverage

Humana Medicare Part D coverage is also available. Consider enrolling in one of this company’s programs if you need to obtain prescription drugs on a consistent basis. With this provider, you can enroll in:

  • Humana Walmart Rx Plan (PDP). With this plan, you can pick up your prescriptions at more than 5,200 Walmart locations. Depending on where you live, your premium could be as low as $22.20 each month you are enrolled. However, keep in mind that the Humana Medicare formulary for this plan only includes generic drugs.
  • Humana Preferred Rx Plan (PDP). This plan enables you to save on your copays. You can also use the PDP to obtain your prescriptions at various retail pharmacies that are within network. Similar to the Walmart plan, this Humana Medicare drug list covers generic drug names.
  • Humana Enhanced (PDP). Through this plan, you can obtain a high caliber of coverage without needing to meet a deductible.

Does Humana Medicare Part D cover the shingles vaccine?

Your Humana Medicare Part D plan will likely cover the costs associated with your shingles vaccine. However, coverage can vary by individual plan and where you live. Therefore, you should contact your Humana representative to ensure you are covered before you obtain this vaccine. You can also review which drugs your Humana plan covers online.

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